10 Reasons to choose a lake holiday over a beach holiday!

Sometimes the best beaches are not necessarily on the coast by the sea. Many people do not imagine that they can enjoy a beach holiday in the French Alps.. but in fact you can!!

Lake Annecy is known to be the cleanest lake in Europe and the water temperature in the summer normally ranges between 22- 25. Lake Annecy is also one of the largest lakes in France and its’ position on the gateway to the French Alps makes it the perfect place to spend your holiday!

Annecy has some incredible Lake beaches that will keep beach lovers happy. So you may wonder what are the advantages of spending the day at a beach on Lake Annecy and what makes a lake beach holiday better than a beach holiday by the sea?!

Here’s our top 10 reasons:


1. You don’t get all sandy!

Skin is clean after being in the lake & not all salty and sandy! We just love how we feel after getting out of the lake and how your body just actually feels very clean and refreshed! There’s no mixing sun cream with sand over the kids either and it’s just .. nice!!

2. Natural shade

There are plenty of shaded areas on the lake beaches on Lake Annecy to relax at with trees. This protects you and your family from the strong summer alpine sun!

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3. Swimming

The lake is safer to swim in than the sea and the opportunities for swimming in the lake are fantastic, just make sure you bring your inflatable buoy to make you visible if you are going far. There are lifeguards at the beaches, therefore children can play safely in the water and parents can have the peace of mind. Inflatables are also great to bring down to the lake as it’s generally very calm!

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4. No seagulls, No sharks, No crabs, No jelly fish!

On lake Annecy you can eat your picnic lunch / dinner in peace without having to worry about seagulls / birds swooping in to eat your food! Your children can also play in the lake without worrying about jellyfish, crabs etc.!


5. The diving pontoons

At many of the Lake beaches on Lake Annecy, there are diving pontoons from which children and adults can safely practice their diving and also chill out on. They are fun and unique to the lake and children love them!


6. Water sports

There are plenty of water sports activities that can be practiced on the Lake including: canoeing, kayaking, paddle boarding, windsurfing, kitesurfing , water-skiing, wake boarding and even diving! The opportunities are endless and depending on weather conditions you can practice all of these sports on Lake Annecy!

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7. You can chill out on the boat docks

There’s something just really cool & unique about rocking up to a dock on the lake and chilling out on it! You can dip in your toes and feel a sense of freedom and have some privacy!


8. The views

On all of the beaches of Lake Annecy, you are surrounded by purely stunning mountain views. Nature is surrounding you and it is this that makes Lake Annecy beaches so special!
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9. Tides

You don’t need to worry about when is high tide and when is low tide because at the lake there are no tide times! You can just go at any time of day, knowing that you can stay in the spot that you choose!

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10. Fishing is much easier!

Whether you hire a boat or fish from the lakes edge, fishing is certainly easier to do on a lake than at the seaside! Just make sure to get your permit from the tourist office at doussard beach!

So have we convinced you that a holiday by the lake is better than by the sea ?! We hope so ... So if you are now wondering which beaches we recommend on Lake Annecy, keep following us for our next article about the best beaches on lake annecy!

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