cascade d angon

Angon Waterfall

The Angon waterfall, a must-see natural site

Located in the town of Talloires, on the east shore of Lake Annecy, about 15 km from the 4-star Annecy campsites La Ravoire and Les Fontaines, the Angon waterfall is a magnificent 60-meter high waterfall that attracts nature lovers and canyoning enthusiasts. Abseiling is only possible in the summer because in the winter, the waterfall can be frozen. Nestled in the heart of the Bornes massif, it is accessible by a small path that runs along the cliff and offers beautiful views of Lake Annecy. Swimming is not possible in the Angon waterfall. Canyoning is the only way to descend along the walls to reach the bottom. On sunny days, cool water reaches the waist of adults. To swim in the river, it is possible to walk between 10 and 15 minutes upstream. However, if the flow is too high, swimming is strongly discouraged for safety reasons. Its vertiginous height, its walls and its exceptional natural setting make the Angon waterfall one of the most beautiful natural sites near Lake Annecy.

What hiking route to reach the Angon waterfall?

There are several hiking trails to get to Angon waterfall. The shortest part of the car park located after the bridge direction Angon, at the exit of Talloires (4.7 km, 2h15 of walk, medium difficulty, 400 m elevation). The trail climbs a lot at the start and then becomes flat out of the forest. Wearing good shoes is recommended regardless of the season, as the ground near the waterfall is slippery and sometimes muddy. If the walk seems too short, you can extend it from the end of Lake Annecy (map reference: IGN 3431 OT). You will then walk 6 km (about 2h40 round trip or loop) by a path marked in green and white (Haute-Savoie panels) which crosses the forest, and will see several summits (Tournette, Dents de Lanfon). This hike is accessible to children and beginners. Only the somewhat slippery end is not recommended for the youngest.