randonnee la tournette

Hiking La tournette

The mountains around Annecy, the Venice of the Alps, are dotted with hiking trails that delight walkers. One of the most popular circuits to do during your camping holiday in Annecy is the one that leads to La Tournette, a summit of the Bornes massif which rises to 2,351 m above sea level. Its notoriety owes in part to its massive appearance and the 360º panoramic views of the French Alps and Lake Annecy.

Practical information to climb to the top of La Tournette

Several departures are possible for this hike. The longest and most trying routes are those starting from Lake Annecy and Les Dents de Lanfon. To make the trail accessible to a greater number of hikers, we have selected the one that starts at the chalet de l'Aulp, above the Col de la Forclaz. Park your vehicle in the parking of the chalet restaurant, tie your shoelaces tightly, adjust your poles and glasses, take out your sun protection and check your backpack: the time for climbing has arrived!

Important: On the final part of this hike, you will have to climb slippery rocks. Despite the presence of bars and chains to help you cross them, avoid doing this hike in wet weather.

  • Level: Difficult
  • Duration: 4h00 Round trip
  • Start: Chalet de l'Aulp, 1,424 m
  • Arrival: Tournette summit, 2,351 m
  • Elevation: 927 m
  • Loop tour: no

Hike from chalet de l'Aulp to the refuge de la Tournette

You will start walking under the watchful eye of the alpine cows and before you know it, your calves and quads will be put to the test. Above all, take this hike seriously, this mountain commands respect and the summits that you think you can touch are always further than you think. Altitude also has a role to play, and you may run out of air on the final portion if you burn out your batteries too quickly. Follow the winding path and after 45 minutes to an hour's climb, you will arrive at a small plateau near the old Casset chalet. You will see sheep who like to take refuge in the shade of rocky blocks during sunny days. At the edge of the cliff, you will see the refuge of La Tournette. Congratulations, you've just completed the first part of the climb. Celebrate your performance by admiring the scenery and imagining the views that await you at the top.

Hike from the refuge to the top of La Tournette

Cross the plateau to the left by walking along the grass. Above all, do not stay at the foot of the cliff. Cross the small streams born from the melting snow, continue to climb and join the dirt road. You will find that the traill becomes more and more hilly. After an hour's climb from the refuge, you will reach another small plateau where you can stop. Below you will see Lake Annecy and its beautiful shape. The Pierre Châtelard will also surprise you with its amazing shape. You will then attack the most difficult part. Use chains and bars to climb the walls. You will cross them without too much difficulty, even if you are an occasional hiker (seniors and children do this hike). Follow the path that borders the cliff. It is very likely that you will be welcomed by the hosts of the place, the ibex. Photograph them, breathe for a few moments while admiring the Bornes massif, the Aravis chain and the Jallouvre peak. Do you see that big block of stone on your right? It is nicknamed the Armchair. The ibex may agree to lend it to you for a few minutes (access from the left). You're almost there! Grasp the wire rope, climb the two ladders and you will finally reach the top. From now on, all words are useless. The views and the feelings belong to everyone. If the sky is clear, Mont Blanc will appear in your postcard landscape. If you are the predictive type, you will take your windbreaker out of your backpack and your poles to descend.