Covid 19 Information Page

Covid 19 Updates

This page details and outlines all information relating to Covid 19 and the campsite in order to reassure you and provide you with all the necessary information and answer any questions that you might have before booking with us.

Booking your holiday in 2021

Booking for 12 May - 17 June

We are currently still planned to open our campsites on the 12th May. However due to the situation sanitaire in France with Covid19 and the current government restrictions, we are unable to provide details of what facilities will be open in May and June until we have government direction which will not be until May time.

For the meantime, we are now therefore offering free cancellation without requiring any pre-payment up to 7 days before your stay. Consequently, we do not require a deposit for reservations made for May - 18 June and we do not require any payment until 7 days before your arrival date. 

This flexible option means that you can now book in May or June without having to make a commitment due to the unstable situation with Covid19. If you decide before the 7 days to cancel, thank you to please inform us so that we can release the availability in order for us to re-sell the holiday.

In order to profit from this offer when making your reservation online, select to pay the deposit by ‘cheque’. We shall then send you a confirmation email of your reservation that will be placed on ´option’ and in order to confirm the reservation we will require you to pay for the holiday 7 days before. Please do not pay straight away as once the payment has been made, we will be unable to provide a refund.

Clients from outside of France/ Switzerland: Please note that we strongly discourage booking for at least May & June at the moment. The current situation in France is unknown and it is likely that your country will not allow travel to France without restrictions.

What facilities do you plan to have open in May/ June? 

If the government gives the green light, we plan to have all campsite facilities including restaurants and swimming pools open on both campsites from the opening date of the 12th May. We do not however know everything and we will communicate with you in May once the government have specifically detailed.

I have already booked for May/ June, please can I now cancel up to 7 days before? 

If you have already booked for May/June and paid your deposit under our previous terms & conditions, we are unable to provide a refund up to 7 days before, however we are able to provide you with an avoir valid for 2 years. Please let us know if you wish to cancel up to 7 days before and we will issue you with an avoir. Of course, however, if the campsite will be closed for your stay/ there is national / local lockdown in France, then you will be provided with an avoir anyway under these circumstances.

Booking for July - September 2021 

We will only allow you to either modify your stay for free in 2021 or postpone your stay to 2022 if:

  • France is under confinement/ lockdown
  • French borders are closed to other countries
  • The campsite is closed due to Covid 19

If you need to cancel for any other reason than the above, we strongly advise you to subscribe to the new cancellation insurance of Campez Couvert that we offer when booking. This insurance policy now covers you for if you contract Covid 19 before or during your holiday and or if you are a case contact. See further information here.

Non French bookings:

For bookings that are made from outside of France, please be aware that if the government of your country puts restrictions in place/ closes their borders we are unable to modify or postpone your stay and you will loose what you have paid. This is why we strongly recommend you to get your own insurance in your country. It is unfortunately a risk that you will be taking and because we are a small family campsite business, we are unable to provide flexible booking options to customers from overseas due to the risk that it would put us in this summer by doing this. We would like to be honest and upfront with you about our policy and it is your choice / risk to take – hopefully the situation with Covid 19 will have improved by the summer of 2021 and therefore you will not have to worry but we need to be honest with you about what we can offer.

Cancellation insurance:

On making a booking at our campsites, we offer cancellation insurance at 2,8% of your stay from our partner, Campez Couvert. This insurance covers you for a range of circumstances relating to Covid 19, as well as the normal cancellation reasons. Please note that it only covers French government closures and policies and does not cover your own countries rules apart from if you have Covid etc.

Protocol sanitaire for 2021 for Covid 19

After successfully delivering our customers with their holidays without any incident occurring in the summer of 2020, we are very confident for summer 2021 and we have a sensible plan for 2021 that will mirror 2020.

Services in 2021

As in 2020, all campsite services and facilities in 2021 are planned to be maintained (unless government rules do not allow in 2021):

Swimming pool areas & waterslides

All swimming pool areas will be open, including the indoor swimming pool and sun roof terrace. Customers are asked to respect social distancing of 1 metre and there is plenty of space in our swimming pool areas for our customers to do this. Our swimming pool areas are large enough for us to not have to put number restrictions in place and last summer there was always plenty of room for everyone.


All animations on the campsites are maintained, however activities are adapted to ensure the adherence of the government health & safety measures in relation to Covid 19. Animators and children over a certain age are required to wear masques and social distancing is respected. Foam parties are not currently running, however the concert nights and late night pool party on Wednesdays in the high season are maintained!

Children’s playground (at both sites) & bouncy castle (at La Ravoire)

All play areas are open and parents are asked to ensure that their children wash their hands at the playground/ use handgel provided at the playground before and after playing. 

Bar & restaurant

The bars & restaurants of both campsites will be open and customers are required to wear masques indoors.

Gym at La Ravoire

Subject to government rules at the time, the gym will be open and customers are asked to respect social distancing and clean equipment before and after use.


Covid 19 Health & safety protocol measures
in place on our campsites

  • Social distancing measures are in place in all public areas on the campsite 
  • Customers are required to wear masques in all indoor spaces on the campsite
  • Customers are asked to use the hand gel provided before entering all public areas on the campsite
  • All public areas will be cleaned & disinfected on a regular basis.
  • The toilet & shower block is cleaned & disinfected multiple times a day by our staff and we have employed more cleaners to help keep our sites even more clean
  • All campsite accommodation is cleaned with antiviral products and is aired between use of each customer
  • Customer numbers are limited in the reception & shop
  • Customers can download our free campsite application ‘Cool n camp’  which provides plenty ofg useful information about the campsite and your holiday with us ( on booking you will have receive an email on reservation with the details and the codes to login)

Of course it can change ...

As we all know too well, things can change quickly… perhaps life will be back to normal by the summer or perhaps it will not! As the sanitary condition in France improves, the regulations may change therefore we will adapt to these changes as we are instructed.

We are adapting constantly to the changes and our most important objective is to ensure that we provide you with the best communication and provide you with regular updates. In 2020 we received high levels of praise from many of our customers for the email updates that we sent them as things evolved between March and August and our customers appreciate our communication & honesty (see our Tripadvisor, Google, Guestsuite and Zoover reviews for the evidence!).

We want you to know that if you book with us this summer, we promise that we will provide you with clear, honest and friendly communication!

After a complicated year, holidaying in the fresh alpine air at camping La Ravoire & Camping Les Fontaines in 2021 will be the perfect holiday for you to relax and unwind. Situated next to Lake Annecy, our campsites provide you with the perfect place to relax and unwind with many outdoor activities on offer for you. The activities are endless; cycling, hiking, watersports, lake beach days, visiting the beautiful venetian town of Annecy and tasting the local cheese dishes of Tartiflette and Raclette… there is so much to do!

Your questions answered

What will happen if I go ahead with my booking for 2021 and then the campsite is forced to shut due to a local or national lockdown IN FRANCE?

We will provide you with a credit voucher to use later in 2021 / 2022. Please note that this is only if there is a lockdown in France and does not apply to lockdowns in your own country.

What will happen If my countries government (not France)  impose any lockdowns, quarantines etc?

We will not be able to provide any refunds or credit vouchers or any movements to 2022. It is your risk to take when booking or your responsibility to find an insurance that will cover you for this eventuality.

When would the balance of my holiday be due?

For Accommodation & Camping Pitches : A non-refundable 20% deposit is to be paid on reservation for mobile homes & safari tents and a deposit of 106 euros is to be paid for camping pitches. The remaining balance of 80% is due 1 month before the holiday for both accommodation (all season) and camping pitches (July & August)

What is your cancellation policy?

  • If you cancel up to 1 month before your stay, the deposit is lost. Once a deposit has been paid, it is non-refundable if you cancel for any reason.
  • If you cancel 1 month or less before your stay, the totality of the holiday is lost (You therefore need to make sure that you have an insurance in place otherwise it is at your own risk)
  • If the campsite cancels your stay due to a local or national lockdown in France, you will receive a credit note for 2022.