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The Roseland Dam A lake in the heart of the Alps

The dam of Roselend is the 4th highest altitude dam in France. Built in the 1950s and 1960s, a water reservoir of 320 hectares was created that is particularly enjoyed by fishermen and hikers. Nestled among the alpine pastures, this lake enjoys a magnificent landscape, surrounded by beautiful mountains from all angles and offers beautiful panoramas over the Alps and particuarly of Mont Blanc.

Built at an altitude of nearly 1600 m, the Roselend dam impresses by its size and the vast blue expanse of its reservoir. Dominated by massifs of more than 2400 m in altitude, it enjoys a wild scenery of great beauty. Family trails allow you to walk along the shoreline. A 4-hour hike is enough to go around the lake while staying on its banks. Many other hiking routes run through the mountains around the reservoir, which offer breathtaking views of the dam and the turquoise waters bordered by green mountains. Most of the outdoor activities take place around the lake: climbing, via ferrata, walking and mountain biking, paragliding, or horse riding. Fishing can be done from the shore. The lake is classified in 1st category. Its cold and deep waters are conducive to the presence of salmonids. To enjoy a panoramic view of the lake and a pleasant moment of relaxation, stop at the Chalet de Roselend: on the terrace facing the landscape or in the warm mountain setting of the room, you can taste local specialities or simply refresh yourself with a drink.