10 reasons why you should Re-discover France this summer & holiday on Lake Annecy (Article written for those living in France)

Did you know that France is the most visited country in the world?!

There are many reasons for this; the history, weather, Paris, the diversity of the beaches, the mountains, the food, the wine, the culture; France offers something for everyone. 

And why visit Lake Annecy & Haute Savoie this summer?

Lake Annecy and the Haute Savoie offers the ideal holiday place for families of all ages and couples of all ages. You can have a relaxing holiday, spending it one of the beautiful lakeside beaches, an active holiday cycling on one of the famous cols or hiking up in the Annecy mountains or a cultural holiday, enjoying the beautiful city of Annecy and sampling the local specialities.

With the unstable situation of the covid 19 pandemic continuing to rumble on and with the vaccination programme only just starting to take off, there is still much uncertainty of foreign travel this summer.  There is therefore no need to go abroad this summer when you can come to Lake Annecy for your holiday / weekend break!  
So what are our 10 reasons why you should stay in France this summer?!:

No need for Passports!: Your passport is not needed! Forget worrying about visas, whether your passports for the family are valid and in date , you do not need your passport to go on holiday in France!

You can speak French! : There is no need to worry about speaking English / the local language when you go on holiday in France! Sometimes it can be restrictive if we don’t know the language and we struggle to know information, but when you stay in France and holiday in the Haute Savoie you do not have to worry! Bonus!

It’s easier to go on holiday in France with children: Going on holiday with kids can be difficult, you have to bring so much stuff with you! But going on holiday in France is much easier, you can bring everything that you need in the car without worrying about how much your suitcase weighs! You can also cut down the travel time and take as many breaks as you require when driving to your destination. All of these things make your holiday with your kids easier, everyone will be happy!

It’s cheaper : Without the costs of parking, flying, currency changing,  mobile phone roaming charges, flights, visas etc , a holiday in France is cheaper than abroad. You can save yourself a bit of cash meaning that you can use the extra that you’ve saved on your holiday!

The weather – There’s no need to travel abroad to get good weather! Here in the Haute Savoie, the weather in the summer is ideal – long hot summer days that are not however too hot, with some days of rain biensur but that’s all part of the fun of a holiday in the alps and besides there’s lots to do even if it’s raining! Think canyoning, tree top adventure courses, visiting chateaus and Annecy!

Enjoy the world renowned regional food & wine specialities:
In France, we know that we are world renowned for our food and wine and in the Haute Savoie, we have our own specialities that are unique to this region! Tartiflette, Raclette, Croziflette, Reblochon cheese, Tomme de Savoie, you can discover the local alpine cheeses & dishes!

See the Tour De France! : The tour de France is arriving at Grand Bornard 03.07.21, leaving Grand Bornard on 04.07.21 and leaving Albertville on the  05.07.21. There are therefore 3 days of being able to see the tour in the region, therefore if you plan your holiday around this time, then you can enjoy the carnival atmosphere that the Tour de France has to offer!

You can bring your dog!:
No need to leave your dog at home if you stay in France this summer and holiday in the Haute Savoie! Normally if you go on holiday abroad, it’s a pain to ask someone to look after the dog or find a kennel with availability, not to mention the added cost. Therefore, by holidaying in France this summer, you don’t have to go through this nightmare! You can bring your dog on holiday – afterall the dog is part of the family too! NB Dogs are allowed on camping pitches throughout the season, however we do not allow dogs in our own campsite accommodation in the high season of July & August!

If you book a holiday in France, you are more sure to actually be able to go on your holiday:
If you book a holiday abroad this summer, then it could be complicated to go due to PCR tests & quarantine requirements. It is riskier to therefore book abroad and your reservation would be at more risk of being cancelled. If you decide to stay in France, then you have more chance of going and if you book cancelation insurance with your holiday, it covers you in France if you or your family have covid and therefore have to cancel, or if you are a case contact etc. At our campings Annecy campsites, we offer cancellation insurance with ‘Campez Couvert’ who offer an extension covid with their policies. You are covered for many eventualities and therefore can have peace of mind that when you book and pay for your holiday, if you end up not being able to go on holiday for reasons out of your control, then you can make your claim via them and recover the costs already paid. In addition, if your region/ department in France is confined or if there is a national lockdown, your holiday will be protected and you will receive an ‘avoir’ to use for 2022, meaning that you will not loose the money already paid.

You will be supporting French business,  French Tourism & our economy!
By staying in France this summer you will be supporting our national economy! The impact of the Covid 19 pandemic has been devasting worldwide and the future for businesses is tough. By staying in France this summer, you will be supporting the French tourism industry and helping french businesses! 

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