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Our top 10 reasons for swimming on Lake Annecy : Is it actually possible to properly swim on Lake Annecy ?

Lake Annecy is famously known to be one of the purest lakes in Europe and is the 2nd largest glacial lake in France totalling 14.6km. It's numerous aerial and underground springs come from the surrounding mountains and its water is filtered and enriched by the limestone rocks.

Not only is the tap water at our Campings Annecy: Camping La Ravoire and Camping Les Fontaines campsites drinkable, but it is as pure as bottled mineral water. Yes really!! It is this clear water that you can bathe in during your stay that you will also drink during our stay with us!

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Here are our top 10 reasons to swim on Lake Annecy:

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There is nothing better than Lake swimming. The water of Lake Annecy is extremely pure, the way the water feels on your skin is lovely, there is no residue left afterwards and you are completely free and able to
The average temperature of Lake Annecy in summer is 22°C, however water temperature can reach 27° in the height of summer! In 2022, it was however, more rather 25°. You can generally swim without any problem on Lake Annecy until the end of September and even into October. In April and May, the temperature of Lake Annecy depends on the harshness of the winter and the amount of snow that has already melted!

2. Exercise at your own pace.

Swimming on Lake Annecy on your own allows you to exercise at your own pace. There is plenty of space, you can be as slow or as fast as you want. You do not need to worry about other people or waiting for people to pass you, you are completely at one with nature in a vast space. Just you and the water! Top tip: If you are wanting to do some serious long distance swimming on Lake Annecy, it would be preferable to go out early in the morning between 6-10 am in order to avoid the busier times on the lake with regards to boats.
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3. Be safe without tide or swell

Be safe without tide or swell, provided you stay within the yellow buoys (limit of motor boats):
The fact that there are no tides on the Lake (except for on extremely windy lakes), means that swimming on Lake Annecy is very safe and easy.

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4. To experience a cool sensation in the middle of summer

In the height of summer in June, July and or August, the air temperature around Lake Annecy can get up to 35° . The best way we think to cool down on these sweltering summer days is in the Lake. There is nothing better than feeling the cool water over your body , the cool and calming sensation in a natural alpine setting!

5. You get a different perspective / a different view from in the lake than out of it!

When you are surrounded by water, you get a completely different view of the lake that you would have from the lakes edge. It is a unique view and a unique feeling that you get from swimming in the fact as opposed to walking/ cycling round it. You get a completely different outlook on the environment and it really is impressive!
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6. Enjoy being And in the calm while looking at the mountains

In this day and age life is fast, everything is speedy and we are always on the move. Time in the lake, on Lake Annecy alone gives you the time to contemplate life, relax, be mindful, and at one with your body, mind and spirit. It really is an opportunity to take some time to yourself and be mindful!

The serenity of the Lake, the peace that you get whilst in the Lake allows you to appreciate the surroundings. Not only is Lake Annecy beautiful, clean and cool but the surroundings are quite literally: spectacular! You will be able to admire Mt Charbon at the end of the lake at the Bout du Lac from Doussard beach. If you turn in the Lake in the other direction, you will be able to admire La Tournette, the highest mountain on Lake Annecy at 2,351 m. You can also see the Dents Du Lanfon to the left of La Tournette which is equally impressive. In fact, if you look around above you whilst you are swimming out on the water, you will have a 360° view of the mountains and scenery and it is quite frankly amazing!

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7. Swim for a long time on your back without fear of colliding with the edge of the pool!

This is literally one of our favourite things about swimming on Lake Annecy! It really is the best feeling in the summer when you just want t cool down, to be able to float in the lake and literally not have to worry and constantly look around for people, there is space.. and lots of it!!
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9. To take part in the annual competition on Lake Annecy, lake crossing: www.traverseedulacdannecy.fr/

Running for the last 91 years, swimmers of all ages meet on August 15th to cross the width of  Lake Annecy. Different distances are possible from 1 to 10 km.
It is one of the most popular open water swimming events in France.
If the crossing of Lake Annecy falls during your stay at the Campings Annecy: Camping La Ravoire or Camping Les Fontaines, why not sign up: www.traverseedulacdannecy.fr/


10.The fact that you can swim in the Lake all year round!

You can even swim in Lake Annecy all year round!
You may be wondering who on earth would do such a thing!! Well, our brave receptionist of Camping Les Fontaines : Elise !! Regardless of the temperature of the water, you can see swimmers on lake Annecy all year round! Top tip: when the water temperature is between 15-18 ˚C, we advise you to wear a wetsuit!

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Our top 10 reasons for swimming on Lake Annecy : Is it actually possible to properly swim on Lake Annecy ?

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