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What to expect from your tandem paragliding flight?

Have you ever wanted to experience the feeling of flying like a bird? A paragliding flight is as close as you can get to it.

We asked Flyeo, our partner at Camping La Ravoire for tandem paragliding flights in Annecy to tell us what there is to know about flying tandem.

Right from the booking stage, we are proud to offer a seamless experience to our customers. Which is why, alongside the usual information we need to book a flight, it is important to select the flight experience that will suit you the best.

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Choosing your flight

We offer five different types of flight to first time flyers. If you want to discover paragliding during a peaceful flight over the lake, for an adult or a child, our Discovery and Children's tandem flights are ideal. Taking place in the morning or late afternoon, when the conditions are calm, you will take off from Col de la Forclaz, flight over the lake and go to land at the official Doussard landing field — the ideal way to discover paragliding!

Hungry for more? Paragliders core thermals, columns of warm ascending air, to gain height. That's why you see paragliders turning in tight circles on the spot while climbing up. Choose a Thermal or Prestige tandem flights and your pilot will ride thermals to take you up to altitudes of about 1,700 meters for even better views over lake Annecy and the surrounding mountains.

Do you like rollercoasters and don't mind feeling the g-force? In that case, choose our Sensations tandem flight and your pilot will pull acrobatics from 360° to wingovers for maximum sensations.

Remember: whatever flight you select, you are the boss! Our pilots will make you feel at ease, explaining to you every single stage of the flight. If you feel like you have enough and simply want to take in the views, just tell your pilot! Likewise, if you want to fly the glider, your pilot will happily give you the controls.

Is paragliding dangerous?

While paragliding is considered an "extreme sport", the reality is that tandem flights are essentially gentle glides through the air. That's the reason why they are called "paragliding flights" and not "paragliding jumps". At take off, a few fast steps down the gentle slope are enough to see you gliding, airborne.

We are often asked whether paragliding is dangerous. The chance of an incident during a tandem flight is virtually non existent so long as you follow the simple instructions of your pilot. All professional tandem pilots are highly experienced and have obtained a rigorous state diploma that is renewed regularly. They also hold all the required insurance and follow local regulations.

At Flyeo, our paragliding school teaches SIV (Simulation d'Incidents de Vol). In short, it is all about first preventing then recovering from all the major paragliding incidents. Our pilots are well trained to all situations.

Flyeo does over 2,500 tandem flights a year and, to date, we haven't had a single accident.

Paragliding, not for me, I suffer from vertigo..

A misconception! There is no such thing as vertigo in Paragliding. Long story short, vertigo is only triggered when your feet are on the ground. Which is not the case when you fly.

The weather, the main joker of paragliding

A paraglider doesn't fly well when wet, which is why rain or a strong chance of rain means we don't fly. If the wind is too strong, taking off can prove difficult, another cause of no-flying days. The weather is the main joker that may force us to change our plans.

That's why at Flyeo, we always re-confirm tandem flights the evening before or the morning of the planned date. It is a weather-dependant sport but rest assure, that if you can't fly on the planned date, we will re-schedule at the most convenient time for you.

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On the day of your tandem paragliding flight

The meeting up point is at our base, 200 metres from Doussard landing field. In our private space, outside in the sunshine, your pilot gives you the initial briefing.

Time to go! Our shuttle van takes you to La Forclaz take off. The twenty minutes journey is the occasion to get to know your pilot and to enjoy the beautiful alpine scenery on the way up.

You arrive to take off and after a short walk, your pilot opens up the paraglider on the green carpet and attach both yours and his harness to it. When ready, he inflates the glider over your head and ask you to "run, run, run!". After a few steps, you are both airborne.

Depending on the flight you have chosen, you will spend 15 to 45 minutes flying in the sky above Annecy lake and mountains. Then, you will head towards the landing field where you will touch down with a brisk walk.

You can then meet up with your loved ones back at our base and, if you feel hot under the collar, why not enjoy a refreshment or a local artisanal ice cream?

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What else do I need to know?

All our pilots and passengers wear a safety helmet for the duration of the flight. We will lend one to you when we arrive at take-off.

We also recommend you were sensible shoes you can comfortably jog in.

As you fly through the air, you will feel the wind and even if it is a warm sunny day, it can be a bit cold. It's a good idea to wear a jacket. And perhaps shades to protect your eyes from the sun...

You are welcome to take photos, but if you wish to enjoy your flight, we offer a pack Photos & Videos — just ask your pilot.


Bookings with our special discount campsite price are only available from the Camping La Ravoire reception. We offer a special camping price for all la ravoire customers (see the campsite app, Cool n Camp and the section 'offers' for the full details!

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